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Young professional with the crazy urge to do another study...


My professional occupation is that of a Financial Analyst at a Medical company and prior to this I have worked as a Business Analyst in the Premium Liquor business.

I live in Amsterdam, where most of my friends and family are around me. I like to sport, get out and read my occasional book.

Currently I'm doing a Master in International Business and Marketing Management. During my master I have read many books about memes, word of mouth marketing and viral marketing (in a sense one could dispute its a part of WoM).

Memes intrigue me because they give explanations about who we are, what drives us to do the things we do, what gets our attention. Why could my peers be totally interested in to buy the newest gadget where as the main topic of another friend could be the global crisis? Which idea makes you going and why?

The purpose of this site is to talk about memes, invite people (with understanding about the subject) to write on my blog and have a worldwide discussion on different meme related topics.